Series 2 Episode 8: How do you take up space socially?


Julia Coscolluela (she/her)
Youth Worker

Taking on opportunities to speak about my lived experiences and being freely open about my identity.

Carly Findlay Oam (she/her)
Writer, speaker and appearance activist

By being, I guess, angry. Calling out discrimination and calling for better inclusion and representation and rights. But also stepping back and giving other people opportunities to take up space because I’m not the only voice and shouldn’t be the only voice that’s called upon.

Lev Lu (he/him)
Mental health worker & digital content creator

One example is doing a lot of LGBTIQ+ advocacy, after I came out as trans I started making a lot more trans content, and educating people about trans things, and sharing my experiences, my stories. I made two LGBTIQ+ short films. Just continuing to champion LGBTIQ+ change, especially for young people, like this is how we could improve the way we do things. The way we’re currently doing things isn’t necessarily inclusive, friendly. We can take these small steps to sort of make it more trans, affirming and friendly and welcoming.