Series 2 Episode 7: How do you take up space professionally?


Carly Findlay Oam (she/her)
Writer, speaker and appearance activist

There was a long time when I didn’t see people like me in the media. I didn’t see people with ichthyosis represented well in the media and so I wrote myself into the media. And so I guess that’s the biggest way I took up space, but also not compromising on who I am like not leaving my disabled identity or my identity as a woman of colour behind when in a professional setting.

Julia Coscolluela (she/her)
Youth Worker

I have taken up space in my professional life by continuing to challenge myself and by taking on, like you know, projects and activities, things that make me feel nervous, but that ultimately are good for my soul.

Lev Lu (he/him)
Mental health worker & digital content creator

I came out at work. I started a new job two months ago, and I came out, like, on my first day I think, so I don’t feel like I have to lie to myself and hide the way I interact with people, self-expression. Of course, I have to keep it professional when talking to clients and stuff. But I bring my full self to work.

Emma White (she/her)
Health Promotion Worker

Being you know, unapologetically you and allowing the things that are important to me and my personal life, remain important to me in the work that I do.