Series 2 Episode 6: How old do you need to be to buy condoms?


Sarah Lorrimar (she/her)
Sexologist and Sexuality Health Educator

So you can actually buy a condom at any age. They’re very easy to get from the supermarkets, if you go down to Coles and Woolies they’ll be there. You can also get them from the chemist, sexual health clinics, you can order them online. There’s lots of different types available to choose different sizes, to choose different textures, just whatever suits you best.

Another type of condom is the internal condom which you insert into the vagina or you insert into the anus, whereas the external condom you use with a penis and sex toys. The internal condom is a little harder to find, but they’re just as effective to use. You just might need to look for them online or at a sexual health clinic.