Series 2 Episode 5: I don’t want to use condoms. What are my options?


Sarah Lorrimar (she/her)
Sexologist and Sexuality Health Educator

It’s totally fine if you don’t want to use a condom. There’s lots of other contraceptive options out there. But a condom is the only way that you can stop pregnancy as well as prevent STIs. But if you don’t want to use a condom, you can use alternatives like hormonal contraception. So that’s things like the oral contraceptive pill, the implant and the IUD. There’s also the copper IUD, which isn’t hormonal, but changes the way that your body is working and the lining of your uterus.

But what’s really important with whatever option you’re choosing is to make sure that it’s comfortable for you, it’s easy for you to use, you’re really confident with it. And if you aren’t sure have a chat to your GP or a sexual health nurse and they can discuss a range of options. And it’s totally fine to try a few different things as well. Lots of people do that to see what suits them best.