Series 2 Episode 4: What is an STI? And what does it look like?


Sarah Lorrimar (she/her)
Sexologist and Sexuality Health Educator

So an STI is a sexually transmitted infection. So that includes vaginal sex, anal sex and oral sex. The different STIs affect people differently. Sometimes symptoms can include like itchy genitals or noticing bumps on your skin, it might burn when you pee, you might have some lower belly pain, general discomfort or discharge as well. But other times you might not notice any symptoms at all, which is why it’s really important that you get tested regularly.

So we would suggest maybe like every 6 to 12 months getting an STI test, or each time that you have a new sexual partner. There’s lots of places that you can get tested for free as well. So if you visit the Take Up Space website, and also visit places like 1800 My options there’ll be a map there where you can put in your suburb and then it’ll come up with all the free STI testing clinics.