Series 2 Episode 2: How did you find your community?


Carly Findlay Oam (she/her)
Writer, speaker and appearance activist

When I was younger I didn’t feel like I had a community, and it took meeting other disabled and chronically ill people to realise that I too was that. And that’s how I found a community, in terms of disability space, but also I really like the fandom community.

I’m such a fangirl of people like Darren Hayes and Bob Evans and I’ve just found other fans and that’s been really nice. But also writing communities have been really important to me, so yeah just in participating, in doing and being invested in that and being passionate about that.

Lev Lu (he/him)
Mental health worker & digital content creator

I’ve found my LGBTIQ+ community through different means. Social media platforms, including LGBTIQ+ social and dating apps. One example I use is Lex and I found that one really good for me.

I went to a group for Trans men run by Thorne Harbour Health and they run different groups for different people of different identities as well, like trans men, trans women, non-binary folk, gay men gay women, that sort of thing. It’s the biggest thing not having to do it alone and figure out everything by myself.

Julia Coscolluela (she/her)
Youth Worker

I ultimately found a sense of belonging and community when I started volunteering. Having the opportunity to meet other young people from diverse backgrounds, and it made me feel a lot less alone, and a lot more, you know a lot more involved and like I belong here.