Series 2 Episode 1: What does taking up space mean to you?


Julia Coscolluela (she/her)
Youth Worker

So I think that taking up space means being brave and putting myself in situations where I might feel a little uncomfortable, but ultimately it’s, you know, good for my growth.

Carly Findlay Oam (she/her)
Writer, speaker and appearance activist

It means two things. It means that marginalised people can, and should be centred, and people with privilege, thus white, cisgendered, non-disabled people need to take a step back, to let us take up space.

Emma White (she/her)
Health Promotion Worker

Well the first time someone said it to me, it was about the way I walked into a room. I probably had my shoulders closed and my eyes down, and they told me to turn around and walk back in. They put my shoulder back and they told me to stretch my arms really wide, and said “I want you to wake up everyday and do that, because, yeah you need to feel comfortable being in this room and taking up space in this room.”

Lev Lu (he/him)
Mental health worker & digital content creator

To be able to be me fully, as an LGBTIQ+ young person. I’m a trans man and I’m also pansexual and panromantic. Not having to shy away and being able to step into the light basically and not hide in the shadows for being myself.