Healthcare professionals

Dr. Asiel Adan Sanchez


Dr Asiel Adan Sanchez is a non-binary general practitioner, and passionate advocate for LGBTIQ health. Asiel is a member of Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine and has a special interest in HIV medicine, gender-affirming care and mental health.

Asiel is a passionate advocate whose work has been profiled at multiple medical congresses, conferences and lectures. Outside of their clinical roles, Asiel is an academic at The University of Melbourne and a member of the Board of Directors for Minus18 LGBTQIA+ Youth Organisation.

In their free time, Asiel enjoys writing poetry and non-fiction. Their poems have appeared in Rabbit Poetry, Cordite Poetry Reivew, Voiceworks Magazine and Australian Multilingual Writing Project. Their first poetry collection, m/ /otherland, is published through Revarena Ediciones.

Sarah Lorrimar


I am a sexuality educator living in Collingwood but with a strong love and connection to Melbourne’s West. My background is Chinese – Indonesian and Australian.

I am passionate about social justice, particularly around gender equity and sexual health rights and have spent the past decade specialising in health promotion. Before this, I completed a Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) and a Postgraduate Diploma of Sexology.

Outside of work, I love yoga, laying in the sun with my cat George and swimming in the ocean.

Tigist Kebede


Tigist Kebede is an inclusive counsellor. She employs trauma informed, decolonizing and intersectional frameworks into her practice and advocacy.

She is the founder of “The Tena Therapist” a social media mental health platform and works for Pola Psychology a culturally inclusive practice. Her work is primarily directed at addressing power and privilege and supporting minoritised people in healing and empowerment.