Are you interested in learning more about self-image, healthy relationships and sexual wellbeing?

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Take Up Space Festival cancelled & moving online

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the face-to-face Take Up Space festival planned for Saturday 18 June has now been cancelled.

However, we will be filming the event speakers and putting together an exciting online offering in its place. This will be available in the coming weeks – stay tuned!

We sincerely apologise to everyone who everyone who was looking forward to attending on Saturday 18 June. Please sign up to our mailing list or follow GenWest on social media to receive updates about when the online content is available.

Take Up Space Episodes

We understand it can be hard to speak about these topics, so we’ve invited healthcare professionals and members of our local community to share their professional insights and lived experiences in a mini web-series called Take Up Space.

This project has been created for young people (like yourself!) to feel represented and assured that it is okay to be yourself, to ask questions and to be heard.

Episode 1: self image

View the full video and transcript here.

Episode 2: sexual wellbeing

View the full video and transcript here.

Episode 3: healthy relationships

View the full video and transcript here.

What does taking up space mean to you?

“To me, taking up space means being seen for who I am, without filters or the withdrawal of my truth.”

– Lev Lu, Mental Health Worker and Transgender Rights Advocate

“Taking up space is reclaiming the narrative that was written for me. I am many things, and I will continue to be!”

– Najma Sambul, Freelance Journalist, Writer and Community Advocate

“To take up space means to challenge spaces that are majority white, speak on why these spaces don’t have diversity. Be there, invite more colour to the table and create a shift on how these spaces operate.”

– Achut Thuc, Community Engagement Worker and Creative Writer